Painting “afternoon nap” (part 2)

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DAY TWO: Here's where I ended the day with my painting. Now it needs to dry for several days. I'm liking this so far!

First I worked on painting the areas of water. I paint in stripes of blue and then blend those together.

The water is done! (at least for now.)

Then I added the green hills. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do, but I really like how these have turned out so far. They are nice and smooth and clean-looking. I especially like how the land in the distance on the right looks very far away. Next I added the tree's shadow. This contrast in the grass and on the path will help you to feel the sun.

As I worked on the hills and water I began adding colors into the path and the hill by the tree. I plan for that hill to be smooth, but the foreground to be a jumble of grasses. I want it to feel like you're laying in the grass on your stomach looking down the hill at the gorgeous water view. Oh to be IN my painting! (I'm hoping this is what my part of heaven will look like.)

These are all the brushes I used today. I use LOTS of brushes to help keep my paint colors pure before they go on the canvas. If I just used a few brushes, the paint would be very dirty in a very short time. The colors need to stay as pure as possible to get the vibrancy I like.

2 thoughts on “Painting “afternoon nap” (part 2)

    • I hope you got your nap in–too bad it wasn’t in a sunny grassy field this time of year 🙂 I feel asleep reading a Magic Tree House book to Nathan this afternoon. Not the best nap I’ve ever had–he kept poking me so I’d wake up and read a few more paragraphs.

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