Winter in Bay View, Wisconsin

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snowy house

This is the cute house we left behind in Bay View, WI.

I would be lying if I told you I missed the snow in Milwaukee. (But you’ve probably already gathered that from the warm-weather propaganda I’ve been preaching since the beginning of my painting career.) It sure does look beautiful in this picture though!
I loved, loved, Loved this house. From the eyebrow window, to all the bays and angles; it was so architecturally pleasing to eye. And the layout was such a wonderful use of space.
And what you can’t see in this photo, is that is across the street from the right side of the house is Milwaukee’s Humboldt Park. Over 75 acres of green grass, and 100 year old Maples and Oaks set smack dab in the city. Living here in this house was the best of both worlds — city-living, but situated on an estate that somebody else (the parks department) managed.

snowy house by park

Can you believe how deep the snow was? It stayed like that for weeks.

Did you notice our perfectly manicured snow-free sidewalks? My very strong, but somewhat crazy (in my opinion) husband spent four years of his life shoveling ALL this sidewalk with a SHOVEL. We lived on the corner, so I think it was over 200 linear feet of sidewalk that he had to maintain, plus the driveway in front of the garage! Our last WI winter blessed us with 100 inches of snow. All removed with a shovel. Tim is very strong. And very precise when it comes to removing snow.
I do not think he will ever miss shoveling again. We sold our shovel before we moved to South Carolina.

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