ANOTHER snow-day in South Carolina??! (make some more art!)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCIt snowed about 7 inches today here in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. So since there are no plows to remove the snow, we will just wait for it to melt. I LOVE THAT. School is already cancelled for tomorrow too, and I’m guessing it will be on Wednesday too. Whoo-hoo! […]

Snow day in South Carolina

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWe had a couple inches of snow on Friday and Saturday, so schools are closed today. The snow on the roads melted yesterday so the roads were just really wet, but all that froze again last night. Since there isn’t road salt down here, when there’s ice, school is […]

Painting “O Christmas Tree”

My holiday decor needed one more thing to be complete. I new painting just for Christmas! Here’s a step by step view of what I created to hang over our fireplace.

Winter in Bay View, Wisconsin

Export to PDF | Export to DOC I would be lying if I told you I missed the snow in Milwaukee. (But you’ve probably already gathered that from the warm-weather propaganda I’ve been preaching since the beginning of my painting career.) It sure does look beautiful in this picture though! I loved, loved, Loved this house. From […]