Winter Solstice…

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Today is the first day of winter. Here are some (indoor) snowflakes to mark the new season.

Snowflake ornament from The Dollar Tree: $1. It matches my kitchen perfectly.

Another snowflake ornament hanging in the window... the green grass on the left is our yard!

The "WISH" ornament is something I bought with my friend Kelli when we were in Indianapolis together back in 1995. (Wow. We are getting old!)

4 thoughts on “Winter Solstice…

    • We bought it when we were in Indy for a weekend with Jen and Collette (I think! My mind it aging too…) I think of that fun girls’ weekend and YOU every year when I hang up my wish star!

  1. Actually, we both have the white metal snowflake on the plate, too. I love that we have such good taste. It’s funny how many of my decorations have special stories of friends behind them. I think that is what makes them so lovely from my perspective–just like my dear friends.

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