‘Tis the season…

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Click here to see the new painting I created especially for this room to match my Christmas decor.

Here's a photo of my family room decked out for Christmas. This photo was taken BEFORE I created my new winter painting for this room called "O Christmas Tree."

This Kitschy Candy Dish was my grandma's. It reminds me of being at her house every year for the big Italian Family Reunion she and my grandpa so graciously hosted in their basement Rec Room for about 50 years.

If you know me at all, you'll know that I have an obsession for pillows and I have different pillows for each season. This photo shows my very favorite pillow of all that I only put out for winter. It was handmade by an artist that I met while doing the Bucktown Arts Fest in Chicago a few summers ago. I love how my new family room matches it so well. (that wasn't even planned!)

I made these snowflake sun-catchers with odds and ends I picked up at Dollar Tree at the end of November. Its simply a garland with a snowflake and gold ornament attached to it.