A new calendar to welcome December, 2013!

Export to PDF | Export to DOCThe last month of 2013. [ How is that possible? ] ┬áTime flies when you’re having fun?? I hope this last month of 2013 is the best month of the year for you. Click on the image above, to download this calendar to your computer to make it your […]

My favorite month deserves a favorite painting.

Export to PDF | Export to DOCNovember is my Birthday Month! Growing up, birthdays were a HUGE deal in my family. It took him a few years to catch on, but after 21 birthdays together, my husband Tim has become an expert on giving my Birthday Month the recognition it so deserves. If November is […]

Do over #2. (My new Christmas Mantle)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWhy did I rearrange everything I had just put onto my mantle for Christmas at my shop last week? My desk faces the fireplace, and what I had originally done was just not working for me. I guess that is the artist in me. But so far, this new […]

Welcome Winter!

Export to PDF | Export to DOCNathan and I spent the afternoon decorating these cookies. He is crazy about EATING the sprinkles, and I am crazy about him NOT eating the sprinkles. Somehow, we still managed to end the project on friendly terms. (I’m giving him the credit for that. Thank goodness he’s easy-going like […]

Painting “O Christmas Tree”

My holiday decor needed one more thing to be complete. I new painting just for Christmas! Here’s a step by step view of what I created to hang over our fireplace.