Snow day in South Carolina

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The sun came out yesterday after a big winter storm came through on Friday and Saturday. The brilliant blue sky makes such a nice contrast to the snowy trees.

We had a couple inches of snow on Friday and Saturday, so schools are closed today. The snow on the roads melted yesterday so the roads were just really wet, but all that froze again last night. Since there isn’t road salt down here, when there’s ice, school is closed. Here are some photos of our snowy yard. It’s still snow-covered now, but I’m guessing it will mostly melt in the next few days as it’s supposed to be in the high 40s this week.

I love how the ice is hanging off this fence. It was this thick on EVERYTHING--that's why they cancelled most churches yesterday, and most schools today.

These pines trees in our back yard managed to remain standing up straight.

This TREE (not just a branch) is bent over with the weight of the ice. It's actually standing up straight again today!

Here's another bent over tree.

Nathan enjoyed playing in the snow. I'm glad we kept his snow pants he had when we lived in Milwaukee! Nathan is standing next to the TOP of the bent over pine tree--the trunk to that tree is about 20 feet to his right.

Our backyard on Saturday morning.

The road behind our house before things started to melt.

On Sunday the snow began to melt off the roads.

The tall grasses in this field were coated with ice. It was quite beautiful!

More snow covered fields.

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