sewing up a storm

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Here's my family room in the morning, with the sun shining in on my new pillows and new painting.

I made eight new pillow covers earlier this month. On the left is a soft flannel that I'd like to take a nap with. On the right is a cotton I chose it because of how the browns and blues matched my painting. ACTUALLY, I had this fabric in my studio waiting to be sewn into a skirt. But I was rummaging through my box of fabrics in planning for this project, and was surprised at how striking this print was with my new painting. I see stylized snowflakes in the patter, which seems fitting for winter pillows.

The pillow in the center with the three trees is one I made about five years ago when I had a toddler running around the house and could devote a week to sewing. It was a placemat I bought at Target. I just opened up the seam between the front and back, filled it with pillow stuffing, and then hand stitched it shut. Very simple, very cute!

My "sea of pillows" which makes me very happy (assuming they are perfectly placed and not messed with.) I KNOW Tim loves me because he puts up with all of these pillow. He would prefer a maximum of 4-5 pillows per room, as opposed to the 13 I just counted in the photos. Hmm. That does seem a little excessive, doesn't it? I hope he's not reading this.

Here's my Christmas table-scape. I made the red and white floral runner to add a touch of traditional Christmas decor to our home for once. I'm not a big red and green fan, but the red floral fabric caught my eye and inspired me to give into tradition.

By now you may be seeing a trend. I am in love with pillows. I spent an entire week this month doing some sewing. And I’m still not done!

The new plan to feed my obsession for pillows, is make new COVERS for the pillows I already have. Covers that simply zip on and off so that I’m not storing unused pillows, just the covers which don’t take up much room at all.

This “pillow-cover-plan” worked so well for the fall, that I decided to make a whole new round for winter.

Here are photos of my latest pillow creations. I wish I could take credit for the pillows with the different blocks of colors. Those I bought at an art show I did in Chicago one summer.

The new “pillows” I made were just meant to be a nice backdrop to the crazy colored pillows I already had. And then, and also to match my newest painting called “winter berries.”

I’ve still got more fabric, zippers and trim sitting in my studio waiting to be turned into more pillows. I think this will all be used to create some valentine pillows.

Somebody needs to start a support group for people like me.

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