Painting deck boards (water painting #2)

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WATER PAINTING #2 (in progress) • 40" x 30"

DAY THREE: my plan was to work on the board walk. Here's the paint I mixed up for the deck boards.

I got started on the edge of the boardwalk, and then started adding some blue shadows to the marsh grasses and trees. The next thing I knew, at least an hour had passed and all I had done was paint navy blue shadows everywhere. But it needed that, so it wasn't time wasted.

I eventually got back to the boardwalk... first painting the edges, the the shadows, the the deck boards in the foreground. Now the fun begins!

DAY FOUR: I spent my entire work time today painting deck boards. It was a little tedious, but also rewarding to see my progress.

The fun thing about painting something very detailed, is that the methodical process produces more noticeable results. I love when it feels like I'm getting all the puzzle pieces filled in. I wouldn't want to paint this way all the time, but it's a nice break from paintings random streaks of color that make up grassy areas.

Here's where I had to end today. Time to go help out in first grade (for the last time this school year!)

Here’s where I am on my FOURTH painting, while knee-deep in my “Five paintings in Five weeks” challenge. This painting is from one of the boardwalks that allow you to bike over the salt marshes in Edisto Beach State Park.

Only 6 more (solitary) work days left to reach my goal before summer break begins. I better pick up the speed if I want to be done in time!

2 thoughts on “Painting deck boards (water painting #2)

  1. I love the opening in the trees in the distance at the end of the deck. It intrigues me. Makes me want to go there and explore.

    • You would love it there. If I remember correctly, this boardwalk led out to a tiny little island in the middle of the marshes. Completely uninhabited, except for birds and maybe alligators?

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