smelling roses while finishing water painting #2

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WATER PAINTING #2 (almost done!) • 30 inches x 40 inches

Here's where I had left off on DAY FOUR.

DAY FIVE: I spent the entire day finishing up the deck boards on the board walk.

Only two more puzzle pieces left! (By this time I'm pretty tired of painting deck boards.)

DAY SIX: I had finished the boardwalk yesterday, so today my goal was to get the grasses on the left side of the painting completed. So far they only had an undercoat of dark brown for the shadows, so I added lots of lime green, sky blue, navy blue, dark brown, and then lime green grasses on top of the shadows.

I've done all I can do without letting the grasses dry. I think they are close to being completed. When they dry, I'll come back and put one more coat of lime green on the grasses to help give them the feeling that the sun is shining on them.

Time to move onto another painting... I'm starting Water Painting #4 this afternoon.

Do you see the blue vase with the yellow roses sitting next to my easel? This morning I went into my neighbor’s yard (at her generous request) and picked myself a new crop of roses.

I wish you could smell their sweet fragrance… it’s been quite inspiring. They have been an added bonus to my productive day of painting. Maybe next year I’ll put in a new flower bed that I devote entirely to fragrant roses.

These roses are spoiling me from ever wanting to “buy” flowers again. (I’m sure once winter comes around and all the yard flowers are dead, I’ll feel differently. I suppose that “hot house roses” are better than “no roses” when it’s the dead of winter.)

Just another reason that I love summer… 🙂

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