Location #82 + the Meaning behind my Paintings

Export to PDF | Export to DOC142 artists opened up their studios on November 6 & 7, as part of the 2010 Greenville OPEN STUDIOS Tour. All weekend long I heard people say “I wish we had time to see  ALL the studios!” So for those of you who didn’t get a chance to stop by location […]

Done! “dune path”

Export to PDF | Export to DOC“Dune path” is the third in a series of six oil paintings I recently completed. The series was called “WATER” and for simplicity’s sake, I was referring to each painting by a number. So if you’ve seen posts on “water painting #3”, here’s how it finally turned out. If […]

Done! “salt marsh path”

Here’s a painting from the board walk in Edisto Beach State Park…

water painting #2 (part 3)

This oil painting is inspired by a camping trip we took to Edisto Beach State Park over Labor Day last year…

smelling roses while finishing water painting #2

Export to PDF | Export to DOCDo you see the blue vase with the yellow roses sitting next to my easel? This morning I went into my neighbor’s yard (at her generous request) and picked myself a new crop of roses. I wish you could smell their sweet fragrance… it’s been quite inspiring. They have […]

Painting deck boards (water painting #2)

My painting of the boardwalk over the salt marshes at Edisto Beach State Park is starting to come together. Here are some photos…

Thinking about Edisto Island while painting “Water #2″

We went camping at Edisto Island, SC so that I could take lots of pictures that I would later turn into paintings. Here’s “water painting #2” in my series called WATER.