Labor Day 2009: Sandy Sheets for a Greater Good—

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI do not like sand in my bed. I do like crisp clean sheets, multiple throw pillows, and a dust ruffle. All of these items must perfectly coordinate with both with the comforter, and (obviously) with each other. To make my world complete there should also be an afghan that offers not only […]

The Sunflower Story: Our Final Chapter

Export to PDF | Export to DOC Sunflower is now packed up and moved out. While the memories are still fresh in my mind, I wanted to document the final days of our time in this special space we called “Sunflower.” Although the final chapter at this location has ended… We have many NEW stories to begin! Thank you Sunflower friends, for […]

A delightful Monday

Export to PDF | Export to DOCOn Monday, I actually did what my wise husband has telling me to do for the last decade. Just paint for the sake of painting. I had been given a Birthday/Christmas-gift request anyway, so on Monday I decided to take his advice. What a delightful day I had. Just […]

Reflections on my Cinderella weekend

Export to PDF | Export to DOCThis past weekend, Tim and I participated in a juried art festival called “Art on Main” held in downtown Hendersonville, NC. My painting “Sunflower Field” was the image that was chosen to promote the show this year. It was on everything — signs,  posters, bags… all of which I […]

Adding COLOR to my home

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWe moved this summer, so right now my home is not nearly as perfectly cute as I like it to be. Especially the yard, which could seriously benefit from a full-time gardener. As an artist, living in an environment that is not (my idea of ) beautiful, is extremely […]

Downsizing Sale.

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI love to collect plates and pillows, pillows, pillows. They are such an easy way to add color into my home. But the accumulation of these colorful items, also added clutter to my life. The time has come for me to empty my cupboards and say goodbye to these still […]

Too much of a good thing. (A lot of overgrown Camellias)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCIt appears we are moving. I fell in love with a little house that is right across the street from my shop. And then Tim fell in love with it. And then Nathan… And now, it is just in the process of getting re-zoned so that we can actually […]

What is 13 minus 7?

Export to PDF | Export to DOCSix? Has it really been SIX years since I painted this bowl of eggs? (Or is it SEVEN? I’m not so good with math.) It seems like NOT that long ago that it was Easter-time in my sunny kitchen that overlooked BayView’s Humboldt Park. Every year I would put […]