What is 13 minus 7?

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BOWL OF EGGS • 30 inch x 40 inch oil painting • ©2007 Marie Scott

BOWL OF EGGS • 30 inch x 40 inch oil painting • ©2007 Marie Scott


Has it really been SIX years since I painted this bowl of eggs? (Or is it SEVEN? I’m not so good with math.)

It seems like NOT that long ago that it was Easter-time in my sunny kitchen that overlooked BayView’s Humboldt Park. Every year I would put this green striped bowl, filled with spring eggs, on the table in our breakfast nook. And every morning, the sun would shine on it and make me happy as I watched the shadows shift throughout the day.

I think this is definitely one of my better paintings from that era. I wonder if it is still hanging in the condo kitchen of the women who purchased it one snowy night at a little art show at Anodyne Coffee Roasters on KK Ave?

I wish I could have that painting back again for just a day. I wish I could eat lunch in our old kitchen one more time, with the sun shining on me and my LITTLE Nathan, as we looked at the snow covered trees and ate gluten-filled sandwiches together.

Maybe I’m feeling a little nostalgic for that old home by the park which we loved so much, since we are in the process of purchasing a new “old” home to fix up and fall in love with all over again.

Or maybe I’m having a hard time believing that the toddler who watched me paint this piece, just spent 3 days on an overnight field trip. Is he really SIX years older than this painting? (Or is it  SEVEN??)

Regardless of my math… enjoy your new calendar. May it be with you, as you make happy new memories this month! I plan to make some too.


2 thoughts on “What is 13 minus 7?

  1. I can’t believe you’ve been gone that long! I’d love to go back to that time frame, too, for just a day. There were so many treasures from those moments that I’d love to live through again!

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