Is it Spring yet?

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The fireplace at Home Color • 104 S. Poinsett Hwy, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

It is Spring inside Home Color right now!

To help tide you over until Spring actually appears outside, I have jars of blooming tulips for anyone who come in and spends $15 or more. There are still a few jars left!

I am pretty confident they will help cure your winter blues.

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2 thoughts on “Is it Spring yet?

  1. Great to see you again and meet your sweet mother-in-law! Your (my) tulip is blooming its little heart out.
    I had an idea. Could you applique/sew two of your cloth re-pros onto my t-shirt-type blouse, like you sew onto your dish cloths? I have a Talbots light orange one, and a Land’s End brighter orange one. I feel like a pumpkin when I’ve worn them in the past, so, they sit in the closet. Let me know, if that’s possible, and the cost.

    • Sure! I would love to do that, Janice. Why don’t you just stop in sometime and bring the t-shirts and I’ll show you what little fabric prints I have and we can design it together. That will be super cute… Glad you are enjoying your tulip!

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