And the winner is… (results of my print give-away contest!)

Export to PDF | Export to DOC317 petals later… my painting of downtown Greenville, SC was finally completed. Thanks to ALL of you who guessed the time it would take to paint the flowers in this bouquet. Of the 60+ guesses I received, one person came within 30 minutes of guessing the correct amount of […]

What to do with a cute dish towel?

Export to PDF | Export to DOC{ My universal answer to all decorating questions… } Make a pillow! This pillow started out as an adorable dish towel. I can only take credit for spotting its beauty, and then sewing and stuffing it. Thanks to my lovely assistant, Doris Bickel, Home Color will be open this […]

Guess, Like, and Win!

Export to PDF | Export to DOCQ: How many hours does it take to paint 9 dahlia blossoms? A: Take a guess… and you could win a FREE print!¬† In the interest of drawing more people to my Home Color FB page, I’m having a fun little contest. The person who guesses closest (without going […]

Deep Sleep. The best gift ever.

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI received the most amazing gift this Christmas… A 14 pound Weighted Blanket. Ever since seeing the episode of NBC’s Parenthood where Hattie gives her brother Max a 25 pound blanket, I’ve been joking that I needed one too. Never thinking I actually DID need a weighted blanket. But […]

Happy New Year! (decorate your desktop)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCOn this first day of the NEW YEAR, why not resolve to add MORE COLOR to your life in 2013? You can start by adding my most recent painting to your computer desktop. ¬†Just click on the image and download it to your computer, ringing in the New Year […]