And the winner is… (results of my print give-away contest!)

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GREENVILLE BOUQUET • ©2013 Marie Scott

GREENVILLE BOUQUET (shown with 315 completed petals) • ©2013 Marie Scott

317 petals later… my painting of downtown Greenville, SC was finally completed.

Thanks to ALL of you who guessed the time it would take to paint the flowers in this bouquet. Of the 60+ guesses I received, one person came within 30 minutes of guessing the correct amount of time.

And the winner is…

Sue Trembly, with an oh-s0-close guess of 32 HOURS!

[My actual time for painting the petals was 32.5 hours. The TOTAL time I spent on creating this oil painting was @ 52 hours. To see photos of this painting in progress, click here.]

Once my prints are in, Sue will receive the very first 5 x 7 matted print of this painting called “Greenville Bouquet.”

Congratulations, Sue!

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