Big changes are coming…too many to even tell!

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Since I don’t even know where to begin
in describing my latest endeavor,
here’s a little sneak peek
at what will eventually be my new Shop & Studio.

And then later this summer, my blog will even have a new look AND a new name…
(at least that’s the plan.)

A cool front door…

quirky old windows…

an interesting old light fixture…

and my brand-new-favorite paint color: Cincinnatian Hotel Aby 5004-9B (Lowe’s Valspar with no VOCs.)

Slowly but surely, my new shop is starting to come to life.

The best surprise of all: my new neighbors planted this sunflower patch which I’ll be able to see from my windows!

4 thoughts on “Big changes are coming…too many to even tell!

  1. Hi Marie, I’ve been looking everyday for an update on your new place. Can’t wait to visit.
    Hey, that picture of the quirky old window is from my house!! 🙂
    and what are VOC’s, some bad chemical? I love the look of your blog and web sites–can they be improved? Wow!
    I’m excited for you, girl!!!!

    • Thanks, Janice! VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds” (I think.) VOCs are chemicals in paint that are toxic… they let their gasses off into the air you breathe for a very long time. (This is at least my impression of this technical topic.) Main thing is that it’s better to NOT breathe them TO breathe them. 🙂

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