Where is spring? (a new desktop calendar for April)

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GERANIUMS • 30 inch x 40 inch oil painting • ©2006 Marie Scott

Download this calendar for your desktop by clicking on the image and then saving it to your computer.

I painted this piece in 2006 while longing for spring to come.

Sometimes I forget how long and terrible the Milwaukee winters were for me. This was our fifth winter living in South Carolina, and they usually seem to go by pretty quickly.

Every month when I send out my calendar, I get e-mails from a few of my Northern friends who are struggle with the long gloomy months as much as I did.

So for all of you who are dying for spring… you have my utmost pity!

Even spring 2013 in South Carolina, seems slower in coming than in previous years. But take heart… spring IS coming. Maybe not as soon as you would like, but it will come.

And then one day, when the earth is made NEW, all the gloom, and dirty black snow, and long nights, and salty cars will be made right and you won’t ever have to suffer through another long winter… (this is what I’m REALLY waiting for!)

[To read more about this painting  —  which is basically how much I hated winter 🙂 — click here to visit the website which contains my gallery of paintings.]

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