House For Sale in Travelers Rest, SC

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My biggest art project is finally complete.

5 Bedrooms / 3 Baths

5 Bedrooms / 3 Baths + Bonus Room FOR SALE in Travelers Rest, SC.

Which means it is time to move on to the next project.

3,054 is a LOT of square feet for just three people. Since I am not very good at living with anything less than perfection, we’ve decided to downsize, for the main reason of having LESS to keep (and make) PERFECT.

I am not that old, but I am already feeling kind of worn out. This house is too big for my crazy perfectionism. And since I know that the artist in me will ALWAYS be trying to stage a magazine shoot within my home, a smaller home to perfect and keep beautiful seems like a better way to go.

Do you need to buy a house in Travelers Rest?

Our Travelers Rest home is officially FOR SALE!

Click here to see all the details via this website.

Here are some photos of “my biggest art project” [ 109 Meadow Rose Drive ]

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For more information, call 864.434.8368.

2 thoughts on “House For Sale in Travelers Rest, SC

  1. Your house did not disappoint me. It is as colorful as you! I saw a picture of Nathan smiling out at everyone. That must be a picture of his dog he loves so much! And the bonus room… my daughter would die for such a room. Good luck with your sale. Your Northern Friend and One of Nathan’s Biggest Fans

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