A Camellia Calendar for you… (happy new month!)

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CAMELLIA • 24 inch x 30 inch oil painting • ©2012 Marie Scott

Although the Camellias aren’t in bloom right now, this painting is a preview of what’s to come later this fall and winter
–assuming you live in Zone 7 and are lucky enough to live near some kind-soul who planted a Camellia bush.

To keep this ever-blooming-blossom on your desktop, simply click on the image above to download.

Click here  to find out THE STORY behind this painting on my website.
[ You can also purchase prints of this painting via my web site: two sizes on canvas, three sizes of matted prints. ]

Below is a short movie which shows “Camellia” coming to life, from start to finish…

O Praise Him (All This For A King) by The David Crowder Band

I may be a dork, but the beauty of a flower often makes my heart sing in worship, to the creator of ALL beauty (God.)
Which is WHY I love to paint flowers!

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