“O Christmas Tree” (bid now for this painting!)

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O CHRISTMAS TREE • 36 inches x 24 inches • ©2009 Marie Scott

After we put our Christmas tree up last December, I decided that I needed a new painting to cheer up our home during the short days of winter.

So I decided to paint myself a winter painting called “O Christmas Tree.” It hung over our fireplace, making me smile until the beginning of March… and then I stored it away.

My plan was to start a new tradition where I painted a new winter piece each December, and then auction off last years’ painting to “share the love.”

A person can only have so many paintings to hang in their home. And since I’ve got quite the surplus of them (as a major perk to my career as an artist) the painting called “O Christmas Tree” is now up for auction!

I’ve got it on eBay, and the bidding ends Tuesday morning.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on one of my large, original paintings… here’s your chance! Click here to bid.

Come back to my blog on Tuesday, and you’ll see photos of my NEW winter painting for 2010 called “winter berries.”

(I’m not so sure I’ll be auctioning “winter berries” next year. It’s turning out particularly well, so I may need to keep it in my personal collection. The blue bottle in the painting is my grandma’s. That makes it all the more special to me. So maybe my tradition is only one-year long, which means it’s really NOT a tradition. 🙂 )

Here it is hanging up on Thursday. It actually looks surprisingly nice even with my fall decorations. I guess that's because the colors blend with what I've already got going on in the room.

Here it is in 2009 amidst my Christmas decorations.

Here it is from farther back. Do you like our tree? My good friend Hope has dubbed it our ALBINO TREE. I think she's just jealous! 🙂

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