a pair of marshy paintings (in progress)

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This pair of square paintings has been drying for a while.

Here are the photos I'm working from. Not very colorful, but as you can see above, I've remedied that.

STILL WATERS • 30 inches x 30 inches • in progress

SABBATH REST • 30 inches x 30 inches • in progress

Here’s a pair of paintings I started in October. They’ve been drying for a while, so now I can begin the next phase in my process: painting the grasses.


Right now it looks like somebody gave the grass a crew-cut. Since the water is dry I can bring the blades of grass up into that middle section of the painting.


I just hung them up in my studio this morning to add some color to my green walls. I think they’ve done the trick. And now I’m feeling more motivated to get back and finish them.


But until that happens, I’ll just enjoy the memories from when I took the photos.


And think about the titles. They are named to remind me to chill out and not try so hard.

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