painting “winter berries” (part 1)

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WINTER BERRIES • 36 inches x 24 inches • in progress

Last year I started a new tradition. At the beginning of each December, I’m painting myself a new “winter painting” to hang over my fireplace.

The plan is to then auction off last year’s painting. We’ll see if I get that far this year. 🙂

I’m hoping to finish up my new painting called “winter berries” this week, so that I can put it up on Saturday when we put up our Christmas tree.

I’ve brought a few things into my studio as inspiration for the color palette. I want to make sure that this new painting doesn’t clash with my brand new Orchid, or my very favorite pillows of the whole year.

Here's the photo I took last winter with this very painting in mind. The little bottle of Holly Berries was sitting over my kitchen sink catching the sun. I think the blue bottle and glass at the bottom will be the coolest part of the painting.

I got my St. Nick present from Tim last night!. It came early this year, just in case the garden center workers at WalMart couldn't keep it alive. I have been wanting an orchid for about 3 years now. What a fun surprise on a rainy Monday night!

Here is one of my winter throw pillows. This set is my all-time favorite. I got them at the Bucktown Arts Fest in Chicago back in 2006. They are made from old sweaters. I want to make sure the colors in my painting complement the pillows.

This is the painting I did last year, along with another pillow that is from my family room.

Here's some photos of this painting in progress...

Here's the paint for the berries. I don't want it to be too RED or it will clash with my pink Christmas decor.

The berries are the fun part!

More berries...

more leaves...

and the last leaf of the day.

Here it is in my studio. It is a dark, dreary day, but at least my studio is cozy. I can't wait to finish the berries so I can start the bottles.

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