Why is this painting called “Open”?

Export to PDF | Export to DOCThe painting shows several paths of water, all making their way to the ocean. It comes from different places, but it eventually all the water ends up flowing into the sea. That is how I see my life these days. I am not sure exactly what direction the path […]

Low maintenance. Big impact.

Export to PDF | Export to DOCElephant Ears are one of my newfound loves for the garden since moving to South Carolina  in 2008. These monster big plants are virtually maintenance-free. All they ask for is A LOT of space. A few years ago I planted three large (and very ugly) bulbs, not really knowing […]

A Captured Childhood Memory

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI created this oil painting for my client so he and his family could have a visual reminder of all their great summer memories from time spent together at the lake in Great-Grandmother Margrethe’s house. This charming lake home is located on “Lake Margrethe” in Northern Michigan. They are attending […]

Giving Thanks

Export to PDF | Export to DOC I wore my raincoat to work with a glad and thankful heart this morning. Words cannot even express how grateful I am for all the rain we have gotten this summer. For the last four summers living in SC, watering my plants has felt like a part-time job. […]

A painting called “Poe’s Tavern”

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMy newest painting is now available! If you’d like to use it as your desktop calendar for this new month, just click on the image below to download it to your computer. To read the story behind this painting, click on this link to visit www.mariescottstudios.com