“These are a few of my favorite things!”

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DAHLIA (FROM MY YARD!) • 12 inches x 12 inches • ©2011 Marie Scott

This dahlia was blooming in my yard.

And one glorious autumn day I had the foresight to pick one and take some photos of it standing in front of the perfect sky.

Now it’s a painting!

That is most definitely one of my favorite things.

Just a few of my other favorite things:

  • The reward of seeing an ugly bulb that I put in the ground 9 months ago come to life.
  • The reward of seeing a dirty white canvas I bought 12 months ago’ come to life and become a dahlia that will never wilt.
  • The fact that listening to “The Sound of Music” soundtrack still takes me back to my 10th grade art class. How does Julie Andrew’s voice STILL always manage to put my in the right frame-of-mind for painting?

Below is a little movie showing this white canvas come to life. I hope you enjoy Julie Andrews singing “A Few of my Favorite Things” even just a fraction as much as I do!

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