Three different years. Three different colors on my front door.

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My new door color! Inspired by a pretty blue vase on my friend Erin's mantle.

Our shutters also got a new color. A deep, rich brown that makes them look like Hershey Chocolate Bars.

How is it Possible that my front door is on its THIRD COLOR, yet we’ve lived in this house LESS than three years?

If I stop and think about it, here are the reasons this IS POSSIBLE:

1.) My husband Tim really loves me.
2.) I am in charge of planning AND executing all painting projects in our home.
3.) Sherwin Williams had all their paint 40% off a few weeks ago.
4.) WHY NOT? (It’s only paint, and you only live once.)

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I had a request for the name of paint color. Here's a photo of the can. I think it's called "Drizzle"by Sherwin Williams.

7 thoughts on “Three different years. Three different colors on my front door.

  1. I’m digging the new colors.

    My question is…how on earth did you manage the shutter project? I should know better than to ask my highly-motivated friend this question, perhaps, but I’m intrigued. My shutters are nearly at ground level and in need of some love, and I haven’t been able to make it happen yet.

    p.s. I see that I got a new “quilt” when I updated my email address. I’m glad. Thanks, WordPress! I wasn’t a fan of the one I was assigned when I made my inaugural comment on this blog back in the day. It’s about the little things. Am I right, or am I right? 🙂

    • The shutters were about the easiest painting project ever! (assuming that somebody else removes and puts them back up for you!) I just put them on saw horses and I got all of them painted in a day. (meaning maybe 4 hours?) It was super easy and very rewarding too.

      How nice that you got a new quilt! You are right about the little things. Too bad I couldn’t just be happy by ALL the little things. It’s the “other” little things that also drive me insane. Little things that normal people are not the least bit bothered by. Oh well… the GOOD little things are so worth it! This probably makes no sense to most readers, but I know YOU know. 🙂

  2. I found your blog as a result of googling “aqua doors” and absolutely LOVE the color of your front door! Would you mind sharing the color? I’ve been searching for a soft aqua color and have a similiar color scheme. Loving your blog so far! : )

    • Thanks, so much! I actually thought I might have to the change the color–we got a letter from our HOA since I never “asked for approval.” But once I sent in my request I never heard another thing. So I guess it’s staying aqua… at least for now. I’m sure I’ll change it again in 2013. It’s just a small amount of paint and time for the enjoyment it gives me to have a “new” door. I’ll post a photo showing the info from the paint can. It’s Sherwin Williams “Drizzle.”

      • Thank you for sharing! I never thought about the HOA approval–maybe I should check mine too! It’s absolutely lovely–although I think all three of your color choices have looked nice (of course, I’m partial to the “Drizzle”). Again, thank you for the inspiration!

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