painting “hilton head marsh #3″

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This photo is the inspiration for the small oil painting called "hilton head marsh #3"

Here's the 12 inch x 12 inch canvas with just the drawing on it before I begin to paint.

The first thing I worked on was the sky. I made it brighter than what's shown in my photo. Just because I can. 🙂

I use the lightest shade of pale blue sky that's at the horizon to also paint the water.

Next I started to paint the trees that are on the horizon. Since they are far away, I use more blues than greens to give the feeling of distance.

After I get the trees done, I do the grasses directly in front of them. Then the trees in the middle area, then some shadows for the grassy areas.

Now the fun begins. I love painting the neon grasses! I'm making these brighter than my photo too. Then I add some orangey-red areas. I do this to add some punch to the painting because it will contrast nicely with all the greens and blues.

Then I start the grasses in the foreground... this is the tricky part. I'll alternate between painting the mud and the grasses. I pretty much use the same paints for both areas, but in different amounts.

I think that's it! MUCH more interesting than my photo. But I think it still captures the peaceful serenity of the marshes.

One day during our visit to Hilton Head Island last July, we spent the morning biking through the wildlife preserve that was adjacent to Hilton Head.

The three marsh paintings from my series “Scenes from Hilton Head Island” were all inspired by our quiet bike ride.

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