Do dogs enjoy looking at art? (Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival 2010)

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We saw MANY dogs attending the Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival over the weekend. At least half of them were being carried as if they were babies. We thought this was a little over-the-top.

Meet my new friend Frank. This little prolific and entrepreneurial artist managed to sell FIVE paintings this weekend. His parents had a booth directly across the street from me. And, just like me, they sold nothing all weekend. Not a single thing. But not Frank. He really knew how to work the crowd. We believe his simple pricing structure, added to the cuteness factor he offered, clinched each of those five sales he made. Way to go Frank! 🙂

We spent the weekend down near Hilton Head, SC at the Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival.

It was a gorgeous weekend full of inspiring views and delicious food.

As typical for an outdoor art festival, we saw MANY dogs walking down the street both days.

However, the unusual thing at this particular  show, was that at least half of the dogs were being carried, as if they were babies.

Our favorite laugh of the day was generated by the dog who was being pushed in a child’s umbrella stroller.

“WHY?” I ask.

Do these owners REALLY think that their dogs want to be walking down a hot crowded street when it’s 80 degrees and sunny out?

But most importantly: Do they think their dogs REALLY enjoy looking at art?

I really don’t think they do.

I think the dogs would MUCH rather be home sleeping in their fluffy beds or watching CNN.

Lest you think I’m “anti-dog-at-art-shows,” you need to know that I have a cute water dish that says “WATER.” It’s sitting on the ground right next to my tent, for the sole use all the furry patrons we meet to drink from.

And at the risk of our own hydration this weekend, we gladly kept filling up the dish with fresh water, which was then gratefully lapped up by lots of our furry new friends.

I don’t think I saw one dog this weekend who looked like they cared about looking at art.

We honestly didn’t mind having them there at the show, but I think many of them minded being there.

Below is a slide show with some photos from the Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival.

But more importantly, photos of the beautiful scenery we were able to take in over the last 3 days. Some of these are bound to become paintings!

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