Iris, Narcissus, and Four Gerberas find a good home!

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IRIS • 36 inches x 24 inches • Sold!

NARCISSUS • 36 inches x 24 inches • Sold!

FOUR GERBERAS • 24 x 16 giclee print • Sold!

I sold these THREE  paintings today: “iris,” “narcissus,” and “four gerberas!”

“Iris” and “narcissus” will hang next to each other in a yellow family room with brown leather couches, which I think will look just stunning! When you put the two side by side, each painting pulls out colors from the other and makes a striking combination.

We’re not sure where the print of “four gerberas” will hang, but it’s small enough that it should fit into any room quite easily.

The painting “narcissus” actually spent many months both resting on my fireplace mantel and hanging in my kitchen. (I even bought matching orange pillows to go with it.)

Here's NARCISSUS shown resting on our fireplace mantel last autumn (during our 2009 family photo shoot by my favorite Greenville photographer-- Davey Morgan.) I think it will look awesome hanging next to IRIS.

It’s always a little sad for me when my paintings leave our home, but it does make me happy to know they will be enjoyed by another family for many years to come.

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