I need some decorating advice (please vote!)

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I decided it was time to update the bedding in our guest room.

Here is what our guest room currently looks like. I made the bed skirt, head-board, curtains, and pillow shams in December of 2008 so those all need to stay. But the comforter is 10 years old. I think it's starting to look a little dated and worn. Plus, it weighs a TON! (something I just discovered today as I was taking the photos. My poor guests have probably been suffocating under it all these months...) FYI: The painting in this photo is called ROUND BARN.

OPTION #1: White Down Comforter

This comforter is actually quite light. So if it's too cold in the winter, the guests could fold down the floral quilt for extra warmth.

OPTION #2: Soft Yellow Quilt

I purchased the yellow quilt at the same time as the floral quilt, but wasn't sure if having too quilts was just too busy with all the stitching.

OPTION #3: Green Quilt

I found the Green Quilt this week at Marshall's. I was actually looking for a comforter, but then I spotted this quilt. I hoped that the fact that it had a different pattern of stitching would make it work better with the floral quilt.

The Green Quilt is reversible. This side has a white/green pattern.

Green Quilt Reverse. The painting in this photo is called GERANIUMS.

A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours in the bedding aisle of TJ Maxx, looking to update the look of our guest room.

I found a vibrantly colored floral quilt with matching shams and some thrown pillows that I LOVE! But I’m not sure what to do about the “comforter” part of my new ensemble.

So that’s why I’m posting all these combinations – looking for some advice.

Please keep in mind that I don’t ever want to spread the floral quilt on the bed (I tried that idea for a day and it looked too busy in that small room.) It will basically just stay at the end of the bed and get used if somebody needs an extra layer of warmth.

My question for you is this: Which of these options works best for replacing the old comforter?

Thanks for your help!!

18 thoughts on “I need some decorating advice (please vote!)

  1. I’m loving the yellow quilt option. It’s so pale, the pattern doesn’t clash with the flowered portions. The look needs the detail. I thought I’d like the white comforter the best, but it reads too plain to me. The green doesn’t have enough contrast. All my opinion, but that’s what you asked for! Your guests are lucky!

  2. I like the green one best and the yellow one very close behind that. I don’t prefer down comforters with no cover on them. They look unfinished to me.

    Pretty stuff! πŸ™‚

  3. Lu-huv the green! But I’m not sure I love the bedskirt with it. Maybe it would look better in real life though.

    • I’m not sure I like how it looks with the bed skirt either. But the bed skirt has to stay. I do think it looks better in real life. Anyone who’s actually stayed in our guest room gets two votes! πŸ™‚

  4. I think any of them would work just fine. But if I were to face a firing squad of Sandinesta guerrillas who yelled to me in Spanish, “Choose a quilt or die, gringo!” I would go with the pale yellow. It matches my teeth.

  5. I am with Michael, I chose the yellow quilt. The green is fresh and yummy but maybe too much? You are too cute for letting everyone vote!

  6. Russ and Pookie vote for number 3. Just so you know, as I type this there is a snake behind each ear and a bug on top of my head, courtesy of your son.

  7. Green #3 for me as well and I agree with Heidi that duvets need covers. As a guest, I’d prefer the feel of a duvet (comforter) but uncovered it “looks” unfinished.

    I love the new painting there!

  8. It appears that the green quilt is a strong winner! You can click on the poll to view the results. Thanks for all your decorating advice everybody! And many, many thanks to my husband Tim for funding the project. πŸ™‚ I’m loving my new guest room. And I’m loving the new (old) painting hanging in there.

  9. I think I am voting with the majority when I say the green quilt. It bounces of the red gingham bed skirt and headboard as well as the caramel color of the wall better. And that color is picked up in the printed throw and pillows. The white duvet washes out the great mix of things.

  10. At first I was a little miffed by being included in this survey. I mean, I know we’re friends and have a lot to talk about, but this felt like an assault on my masculinity. I was like, “What do you take me for?! A girl?!”

    But I like the green. It seems more “special” to me. You don’t walk in to many rooms and find a green quilt. Turns out I do have an opinion.

    • You are one of five men who were personally invited to partake in my survey, so it truly was not an insult to your masculinity.

      Did you read my dad’s answer above? “I would go with the pale yellow. It matches my teeth.” Is that nasty or what?!? πŸ™‚

      I’m glad you liked the green too… that’s gotten the most votes. Guess you have decent taste for a real manly-man. πŸ™‚

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