Time zapper!

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I have spent the better part of three days getting ready for my upcoming show on Saturday. Here's the mess I've created in my studio.

What could I possibly be doing that would take up 3 days? That is what I would like to know too!

On Friday, I stretched all of these prints, and assembled all the matted prints which are in baskets in the other photos on this post.

I'm still not totally packed, but I have all my price tags made, my booth layout done, and my other paperwork completed. This still doesn't seem like it should take so much time. But it just does. And that is why I have a new business approach for 2010. No more shows! (at least not so many) My goal for 2010 is to create 20 quality paintings so that I can find another gallery in the South to represent me. I can't do it all, so the shows are going to have to take the back burner for this year.

The show I’m participating in this weekend is a new kind of venue for me. I will be one of 15 vendors at the Greater Greenville Master Gardeners Symposium. I’ve never done a show in a convention hall before, so I hope it’s a positive experience. I figured that it was worth a try for two reasons: 1.) It’s inside, so I don’t have to worry about rain ruining my paintings, and 2.) I love gardening, so I’m hoping I can listen in on some of the sessions or at least pick some of the gardeners brains with gardening questions.

Here’s a PDF file showing the plan for what my booth will look like. I’ll use my tent and side walls, but I won’t need to put the roof on. My personality does not fit the typical artist stereotype. I’m a planner, and extremely particular. So that is probably why doing these shows ZAPPS my Time!

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