Trying to embrace “good enough” (2015 Flower Calendars for sale!)

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A year of beautiful flowers for 2015…

Several months ago, I decided I had run out of time to create a 2015 calendar.

But then I visited my brother and his family in Wisconsin over the weekend, and saw my 2014 calendar hanging on his refrigerator. That is what finally inspired me to try to squeeze in one more thing before Christmas.

Earlier in the visit, I also saw my 2014 calendar in the room of my Still-Sweet, Little Italian Grandmother in her Alzheimer’s care facility. It struck me how much it was brightening up her (now) tiny world. It was hanging at eye-level right next to her recliner. Maybe on her good days, it helps her to remember some of the things she loves.


2015 Calendar. A year of paintings by artist Marie Scott.

2015 Calendar. A year of paintings by artist Marie Scott.

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In MY mind, this has been a rather pitiful year for my paintings. Which is the main reason I wasn’t going to create a 2015 calendar.

I only painted five new paintings this year. But all five, are paintings I am super proud of so I guess that is worth something. (Which reminds me that I should not use the word “only” when thinking about my paintings — there were many other things that DID “get done” throughout the year.)

If I have learned anything in 2014, it has been that I have simply GOT to be OK with just doing the best I can in the midst of my time constraints.

Since five new paintings was the best I could do, I will be thankful for each of them. And more importantly, thankful for the time and ability I was given to paint each of them last winter & spring.

Now that it is at the printer, I am glad I created this calendar for the new year. I will try to use it as a reminder to embrace “good enough.”

 If you want to order one of these calendars, I have five available to ship and five that will be coming to my store —Sunflower. Email me at and I will save you one!

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