A new calendar for November! Sunflower #2

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The creative spirit within me loves to have something new to look at.

SUNFLOWER #2 • ©2010 Marie Scott (use this as a free desktop calendar for November!)

SUNFLOWER #2 • ©2010 Marie Scott (use this as a free desktop calendar for November!)

Here’s a free and simple way to freshen up your desk for the new month.

  1. Clean off workspace  (Be ruthless in throwing things away.)
  2. Clean off computer desktop (This is more complicated. My quick & easy “system” is to drag everything into one folder called “desktop mess.” Someday I will clean this out, but until then it probably isn’t hurting anybody.)
  3. Download the calendar above and use it as your computer’s wallpaper

DONE! Free cuteness for 30 days.
Just be sure to keep your workspace empty.

Click here to see photos of this sunflower painting in progress.

To view the entire collection of Marie Scott’s paintings, visit her online gallery at mariescottstudios.com
or stop into her Travelers Rest art gallery/gift shop called Sunflower!

2 thoughts on “A new calendar for November! Sunflower #2

  1. Thank you so much. It’s beautiful. This office is so dreary and your desktop art works are like having a window looking out at a summer day. And I like that the holidays are marked, I never noticed that before.

    Patty Sneesby Office Coordinator Harvest Community Church harvestcommunity.org

    • I am so happy that my paintings are brightening up your office, Patty! The main reason I marked the Holidays is that my birthday falls on one of them this month! 🙂 So you really haven’t been missing that. I just usually do it in November, but maybe I will do it all year.

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