Do over. (December Desktop Calendar #2)

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REJOICE • design for a 36 inch x 36 inch painting • ©2012 Marie Scott

Why did I create another desktop calendar for December? The first version had been tormenting me since Saturday. REJOICE is actually an example of a painting that didn’t quite live up to my hopeful expectations.

So for this month’s (SECOND) desktop calendar, I decided to use the original design file, which I created in Adobe Illustrator. My computer is much happier now that it has this NEW version set as the desktop.

Next time I create a “word painting” I’m not designing the colors on the computer. I found it impossible to get paint to create the same feel as I had hoped for. Better stick to my old-fashioned design method. Paints on plates. Lesson learned!

[To download this calendar and use it as your desktop, just click on the image above.]

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