Eat Local Fish.

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GILLIGAN'S • 16 inches x 12 inches • ©2011 Marie Scott

“Gilligan’s” is the ninth painting in my series of ten snapshot paintings from Charleston, SC. The photo that inspired this painting was taken at dusk as we walked the city looking for a place to eat.

Now that I’m intimately aware of every last detail of this restaurant, I’m definitely inspired to EAT LOCAL SEAFOOD.

Here’s a 1-minute movie showing this painting in progress. The face of the boy on the mural was the first “portrait” I’ve done since college. It’s not perfect, but considering “I don’t do faces” it’s not too shabby.

3 thoughts on “Eat Local Fish.

  1. It was such a whirlwind breaking the booths down that I somehow missed hugging both you and Kaye goodbye!!! Consider this my virtual hug. It was so much fun getting to know you and Tim during the show. Your work is amazing. Hope we’ll cross paths again either in the lowcountry or the upstate. xo, Honor

    • Hi Honor,
      You are so sweet to write! It was so great being at “art camp” with your for 16 days. 🙂 I meant to hug you too, and then the next thing I knew you were gone. We were there until 9pm since we weren’t in any rush. We got back home about 3pm on Sunday, but I’m still sitting in the midst of a complete disaster in my studio. I haven’t even begun to unpack yet. That was my plan for today, but I’m still just wading through my e-mails after being gone for 18 days.

      Your paintings are so inspiring, Honor… anyone reading this blog needs to check out your website!! I think your zinnia’s are my favorite. I love how you’ve captured the intricacies of the centers.

      Hopefully we’ll both be back again for Spoleto 2012!
      Marie Scott 🙂

  2. I’m back from the Piccolo Spoleto show Charleston, and happy to report that we DID eat at Gilligan’s during our stay. The building was just as I remembered it, although a little hard to find. It’s at the VERY end of the street that the market is on (heading towards the water.)

    We LOVED eating local seafood in Charleston!

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