Lots of people must be praying! (news from my booth at Piccolo Spoleto)

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This family from Charleston were my first customers of the show on the opening day of Piccolo Spoleto,  purchasing SUNFLOWER PATH.  They hung it up right away in their family room and then decided they needed one more for their living room, so they came back later that same day and bought a second one the same size–SALT MARSH!

On Thursday, May 26th, we made it safely to Charleston for the 2011 Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art exhibit. And as of this writing, I’ve finished day 6 of this 16 day show.

I’m happy to report that on my first day I sold two large paintings and some prints, allowing me to at least cover the expenses of this great adventure

Lots of people must be praying for me, because I have had a nice steady stream of sales, while many of the other artists around me aren’t seeming to do as well. (I’m sure it helps that my pieces are priced at half the cost of what most other artists are charging.)
Here are just a few of the other things I’m thankful for– many of which I didn’t even think to ask for, but which God has so generously provided…
  • nothing was damaged in the trailer during our trip
  • a stranger who helped carry the entire contents of our trailer across the park to my booth space
  • church bells playing “Christ the Lord is Risen today” as we were setting up
  • a free AND BEAUTIFUL place to stay on Friday night (an adorable beach house on Sullivan’s Island)
  • the two trees that are giving much-needed shade behind my tent
  • an overwhelmingly positive reception of my paintings from the public
  • an unheard of ratio of buyers to shoppers (not that many people are coming into my tent, but a huge proportion of those who do buy at least something!)
  • no rain to-date
  • the location of the gorgeous house we’re renting–it’s a quick walk to the show (and a grocery store) and also in the heart of a neighborhood of beautiful homes
  • Here’s the BIGGIE: the peace of mind after just the first day, that if I didn’t sell another thing for remaining 15 days, that I’d at least be able to pay my bills when I got home! 🙂
Below are all the photos I took so far. Hopefully they give you a glimpse into the beginning of  our most excellent adventure!

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Thanks to all my friends and family who have been faithfully praying for me. Your prayers have been heard and answered. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Lots of people must be praying! (news from my booth at Piccolo Spoleto)

  1. So excited for you and this adventure, not to mention the sales! Yay! Your booth looks beautiful! Love the ferns–so cheerful and inviting. Wish I could browse by, but alas, I have two children in diapers. I could stand to sell a few paintings myself! 😉

    • Traffic to the show really slowed down during last week and even this past weekend. But there are many worse things I could be doing than sitting in a park in Charleston. I do love my ferns.

  2. It looks so beautiful there! How awesome that you sold 2 HUGE paintings to the same family! I am so glad it is going so well!! -Love Natalie

    • There were so many times I thought of you at the show. When I would talk to two girlfriends spending the afternoon looking at art together, it made me miss you so much!
      Thanks so much for your prayers… they worked. 🙂

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