I’m painting for the orphans in Haiti (“HAITI: we have not forgotten” part 2/5)

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I’ve creating an oil painting which I am donating to help raise money for the orphans in Haiti. It will be auctioned off at the 2010 Together for Adoption Conference which is being help on October 1-2 in Austin, Texas this year.

Here’s some photos of days three and four of my progress.

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I’ve been praying that it will help to raise $10,000, but $30,000 would be even better since that could build an orphanage for 30 children who lost their parents.

There are hundreds of thousands of orphans in Haiti alone…please think about what part you can play  in helping with this orphan crisis.

For more details on how you can give, or how you can attend the 2010 Together for Adoption Conference, please see the links below.

Build an orphanage in Haiti

World Orphans work in Haiti

2010 Together For Adoption National Conference

4 thoughts on “I’m painting for the orphans in Haiti (“HAITI: we have not forgotten” part 2/5)

  1. Beautiful artworks Marie!! And as I always say to those who do, taking photos along the way adds to the experience for the viewer and lets them see how much really goes into each work of art.

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