hanging out the wash (“Haiti: We Have Not Forgotten” part 3/5)

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How do you stay clean while living in a tent? How do you live in a tent with strangers? How do you move on when your life and city has been devastated by an earthquake?

I do not know.

I’ve spent seven days trying to untangle a very complicated painting. But that’s about my biggest problem these days. What would it be like to have your home crumble in ruins? What would it be like to be a child whose parents disappear. For good.

I do not know.

I’m painting this piece called “HAITI: We Have Not Forgotten” for the sole purpose of raising money to help care for the orphans in Haiti. It will be auctioned off at the 2010 Together for Adoption National Conference, which is being held in Austin, TX on October 1-2.

Here’s some photos of days 5, 6, and 7 of my painting progress.

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As I delve into this painting, I’m struck by all the laundry hanging out to dry. It appears that these people living in these huge tents have hung up clothes lines between the tents that they are living in. If you were living in a tent–with strangers I’m assuming–can you even imagine doing laundry?

But life goes on after tragedy. I’ve heard reports from friends who’ve visited Haiti, about the joy that they’ve seen in the midst of rubble.

How is that possible? That is something only Peace with God can produce.

If these questions stir your heart like they do mine, please spend a little time thinking about how you can help restore some sense of order to the lives of children who have been touched by the earthquake in Haiti.

Here are just a few organizations worth supporting.

Build an orphanage in Haiti

World Orphans work in Haiti

2010 Together For Adoption National Conference

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  3. My husband purchased this painting at the Together for Adoption Conference. We have two twin girls from Haiti that God gave us shortly after the earthquake. This painting hangs in my kitchen above their curly afros as they eat dinner, and it is a reminder to my entire family of God’s Sovereignty, God’s Provision, God’s Trustworthiness, God’s whole story—-and the great lengths He takes to Adopt us into His family. What great lengths He takes to get our attention! What great PEACE He gives us when we trust Him in the storm! What great JOY He gives us when we are about caring for the Fatherless! Thank you for capturing this image for us-We will cherish it always!

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