HAITI: we have not forgotten (part 1/5)

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photo of Port-au-Prince Haiti • May, 2010

On September 1, 2010 I began working on a new painting. It’s inspired by a photo that was taken in Port-au-Prince, Haiti just four months after this city was devastated by the earthquake on January 12, 2010.

This earthquake has left over 400,000 children as orphans.

My painting was created for the sole purpose of raising money for the orphans in Haiti. It will be auctioned off at Together for Adoption’s 2010 National Conference, being held on October 1-2 in Austin, Texas.

I had been praying that this painting would help raise $10,000 for orphans in Haiti. And then this morning I read that just $30,000 can build an orphanage and school that will care for 30 children who are currently living in tents.

$30,000 to care for 30 children who lost both their mom and dad. $30,000 is a fraction of what most of us pay for the land our homes are built on.

This week my blog will show the 11 day journey I’ve been on with this snapshot of Haiti I’ve had the privilege of taking/making, via some vivid photos and my paintbrushes.

My prayer is that these photos will cause you to pause in the midst of your day and think about how you can help to care for the orphans of Haiti who are still grieving the loss of their parents.

For more details on how you can give, or how you can attend the 2010 Together for Adoption Conference, please see the links below.

Build an orphanage in Haiti

World Orphans work in Haiti

Together for Adoption

Here’s a slide show of DAY 1 and DAY 2 of my painting progress…

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  4. Such a neat way to reach out for a worthy cause…I’m proud of you! I’m new to the blog world, but figure I’d better step out of the stone age before it’s too late.

    Keep on inspiring through brushstrokes,

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