the curse of the right brain (“adams lane” days 5 & 6)

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ADAMS LANE • 24 inches x 36 inches • just about done...

Here's where I had left off yesterday.

DAY FIVE: Today I'm going to finish up the trees, the fields, and add the barbed wire to the fence posts.

A closeup of the trees in progress...

Adding more leaves...

...and even more leaves, to even more trees.

The trees are pretty much done and so is the wire on the fence. It's time for my turn with the I'm out of time.

DAY SIX: All Done! (Well, except for one thing. After this dries for about week or so, I'll go back and fill in the white letters on the road sign.)

Here’s the last day of photos showing my process and progress while working on the oil painting called “adams lane.”

As I looked back over this last set of photos, I find it hard to believe that I spent an entire day painting the trees. How is that possible? Somehow, I guess that’s just what it took to make them look “right” (aka perfect.)

This is actually a recurring theme for me. I always underestimate time. And I always NEED to make things “right” (aka perfect) before moving on with my life. Unfortunately, this is in 99% of ALL areas of my life–not just my paintings.

Not to make excuses, but I think that’s simply part of the curse/blessing of being a highly creative person.

We operate in the Right Side of our brains. There are NO CLOCKS in right-brain-land. And honestly, we don’t even want the clocks in their either.

All the clocks are hanging in the Left Side of our brains.

I try to stay out of that side as much as possible, so fortunately for me I live with my brain’s polar opposite: an engineering and numbers genius.  🙂

All this to say… my painting is basically DONE! A day or two behind my intended schedule, but I’m quite pleased with it. Let’s just hope that my client Ron LOVES it! (If he does, my full-day of tree painting will be well worth the extra time.)

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