so thankful for 20/20 vision (painting “adams lane” day 2)

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ADAMS LANE • 24 inches x 36 inches • in progress

Here's where I had left off yesterday.

I'm starting with the house. It's the hardest part so I want to get that over with.

In this photo I'm painting what's behind the fence. The fence will be white so I'm leaving that part of the canvas blank for now. (It will be easier to do the fence if I'm not trying to cover up another color of paint.)

It's red!

Once the house was finished, I worked on the other barns and structures.

The sign! And thus the name of this painting: ADAMS LANE.

The sign is such an interesting feature in the composition. It gives an otherwise traditional landscape, a fresh and playful feel.

Today I worked on painting the house, the barns, and the other little structures.

Painting all this detail made my eyes cross (I’m not exaggerating)… mainly because it was so hard to see any detail in the photos.

Hopefully I won’t need to get glasses as a result of the eye strain caused by this project. 🙂

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