starting a new painting! (“milk can” Day 1)

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Here's the photo I used to create my newest painting called MILK CAN. Check back on Friday to see a photo of the completed painting.

Here's the original photo. I went into Photoshop and colored the can blue, and softened the focus behind the can. I also added yellow to the whole photo to make it feel warmer. The thing I found interesting about Ron's photo was the strong shadows on and behind the milk can. (The contrast created by shadows is what helps you feel that the sun is shining. And since that's what I like to paint, I thought I'd see how sunny I could make this painting feel.)

Here's my drawing...

and here's the paint I mixed.

I started with the bricks at the top so that my hand doesn't have to always avoid wet paint. With a detailed painting like this, I'll spend a lot of time with my hand resting on the canvas to keep it steady. So I'll paint the entire border first and the milk can last so that I always have a place to rest my hand while doing the bricks and background.

The right side of the canvas is a window with some wooden blinds.

The bricks are starting to come to life... I can't wait to get more done tomorrow!

Summer Vacation is over in Greenville South Carolina. That means my son is back in school and I’m back in my Studio!

Last week I was hard at work starting the first of three commissioned paintings for a collector of mine.

This series is actually inspired by three photos that my client provided me with. I normally only paint from photos I’ve taken myself, but in this case, I found Ron’s shots inspiring so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’m happy to say I finished the first piece on Friday afternoon. So check back every day this week to watch my daily progress, and then see the finished piece on Friday afternoon.

Here’s Day 1 of my brand new oil painting called “milk can”…

4 thoughts on “starting a new painting! (“milk can” Day 1)

  1. Great start! I am also fascinated to watch your process as you work! Thanks for sharing!

    I decided to try painting and started my first piece yesterday. I’m going to try photographing it as I go too. Maybe I can learn from my own actions as well as yours!

    BTW Your painting are always so much lovelier than the photos you use!

    • Good luck with your 1st painting. That’s awesome that you’re giving it a try!! I gave up trying to be a good photographer years ago… I can hardle ever capture what I “see” with a camera, so I just have to remember that moment and then put what inspired me from real life into the piece.

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