crazy-colored shadows (water #1: part 5)

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water painting #1 • 40 inches x 30 inches

DAY FOUR: Here's where I ended this painting on May 10th.

DAY SIX: Here's what my painting looked like after working on it yesterday. It had been drying for a few weeks and it's just about finished. The main thing I want to do is get the grasses in the foreground to look more defined. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to do that...

Here's the start of my work in the shadows...

I've been adding some complimentary colors into the water part of the painting too.

Here's the paints I've been using all week for my shadows. I've just used the same paint for all six paintings so that they all coordinate with each other.

Unfortunately my camera doesn't pick up the subtlety of the colors. You'll just have to come see this in person once it's dry and hanging in my next show!

This entire week I’ve been finishing up the last details on ALL of the six paintings in my newest series called WATER.

I realized this week that one way to get grassy areas to look alive, is to focus on the shadows — as opposed to focusing on painting the actual blades of grass themselves.

So in ALL my paintings, I’ve been adding crazy little spots of color  BETWEEN the grass blades.

Instead of just using dark blue and brown for shadows, I’ve actually just been pairing complimentary colors next to each other. That means painting blue/orange next to each other, yellow/purple next to each other, and red/green next to each other.

Sounds crazy? Well it worked for the Impressionists, so I figured it can’t be too bad an idea. I’m actually quite happy with the “life” it’s added to each of my paintings this week!

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