Painting “boat dock” (part 2)

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Here's the painting I'm calling BOAT DOCK at the end of my painting session today.

DAY TWO: Here's where I began painting on day two.

Painting the white posts (not sure what those are called.) This is much harder than I would have thought.

The wooden posts were much easier because I've done lots of tree trunks... same process.

DAY THREE: Still working on the posts in the water.

This painting is finally starting to come together. Finally. (It helped that I added shadows in the water next to the wooden posts.)

DAY FOUR: Starting the dock. Ohhh.. I forgot my windows were open! I love that. 🙂

Painting the dock area...

...painting the boards.

DAY FIVE: Here's where I began this morning.

Still working on the dock.

Done for now! I'll need to give everything a second coat once this dries. I want more colors in the water, and the boards on the dock will need more definition. The signs also need to be painted. The one on the right says END OF RAMP. I think reading that sign will be the coolest part of this painting.

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