Painting “bait stand” (part 2)

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Here's a photo I took at the end of my painting session today. I worked on the water and the island in the distance on the horizon.

On my last post I mentioned that I would probably call this painting “live bait,” from my “low country” series. As time has passed, I changed my mind on the name.

The new official name is “bait stand,” and the series will be titled “vacation.” Look for a post later this week which shows a photo of the four paintings that will make up the “vacation” series.

There are several marsh paintings I have planned from photos I took in both the South Carolina and Florida Low Country which I think will fit better under the series name “low country.”  Stay tuned for that series of painting to appear in the coming in the next months….so many painting ideas floating around in my head, and not enough time to paint them all! (I’m also thinking about a series of spring flowers too. There is a blue potted  hyacinth sitting in my kitchen right now that is just calling to become a painting.)

DAY 2: Here's what the painting looked like before I began working on it this morning.

The first thing I did to paint the water at the bottom of this piece, was to create a solid color of Ultramarine Blue.

Next, I took the leftover paint from the sky and used that to paint the waves. I basically just paint lines of different shades of blue to get the water effect. It much more tedious today than usual, simply because I working between all the areas that will be the wooden bars of the bait stand.

It took me a while to decide what to do with the horizon area. In my photo, there is actually a hotel there, but I thought that would be distracting, so instead I turned it into the island that is just off the coast of this marina. (I used another photo I took as a reference for this.) I need to let this dry for a while. Otherwise I will have blue paint all over my sleeves when I go to work on the wooden bars of the bait stand. Tomorrow I'm staring another painting in this same "vacation" series.

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