Painting “bait stand”

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Here's the photo I took for my current painting which I'm calling LIVE BAIT (at least that's the title for now... maybe I'll get a better idea for the name as time passes.)

I’m starting a new series of paintings today called “Low Country.” I have been wanting to work on this subject matter since the fall, so I can’t wait to dig in and get started!
My first piece is from a photo I took at the marina in Cedar Key, Florida. I love how the white sign and red letters pop against the background of a bright blue sky. The photo is actually true to what the reality of the sky looked like that day. (I love it when that happens!)

Here's my drawing on the canvas before I begin painting.

I'm just planning to paint the sky today, but I'll need many shades of blue. Do you see the phone book in the lower left corner? That's what I use to wipe off my palette knife and brushes. I just learned this trick from another artist this summer. So far I'm on my 2nd phone book.

The sky is never just one color of blue, but rather a gradation of blues with the darkest shades at the top of the painting and lightest shades at the horizon.

I'm done painting the sky for now... next week I'll work on the water. The two signs in this composition will be the last (and most rewarding) part of this painting. I think they are what will make it really interesting. This painting will fall under the "snapshot" category which I occasionally paint. It's more than just a landscape, but rather a snapshot in time, of a perfect day.

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