DONE! (painting sunflower #5: part 3)

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SUNFLOWER #5 • 24" x 24" • © 2010 Marie Scott Studios

I’ve finished this painting today… below are photos of today’s progress. To see earlier photos of this painting, view posts in the category called sunflower #5.

Here's what the painting SUNFLOWER #5 looked like before I began working on it today.

I worked on finishing the leaves and stem this morning. This actually took longer than I had planned (my famous last words.) 🙂

I'm done with SUNFLOWER #5! Just one more sunflower is left to finish this series of five botanical oil paintings.

Here's a photo of SUNFLOWERS #2, #3, #4, and #5 (shown top to bottom, left to right) hanging on the wall in my studio. I'm really happy with how this series is turning out. At the moment, SUNFLOWER #5 is my favorite.

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