12 well-spent minutes; $12 well-spent dollars

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In an effort to be more economical, I bought these HUGE containers of Shampoo and Conditioner for less than $3.00 each. But when I got them home, I realized that they did not fit well into my shower caddy. I lived with that for about a day, and then got the bright idea to get some cute dispensers to put the shampoo and conditioner into. So I went back to the store and spent $12.00 on these 2 dispensers that were intended for hand soap. (Yes, this defeated the whole purpose of buying the large containers to be economical, but look at this as an investment into my future.) The clear dispenser is for shampoo, and the teal dispenser is for conditioner. So easy. SO CUTE!

BEFORE. Pretty crowded up there in the shower caddy.

AFTER. This looks much more attractive, so to me it was definitely worth the $12. (Some day this year I will paint our bathroom so that it's not this builder's grade WHITE. It will be a restful shade of OCEAN BLUE, as I have a beach/water theme going on in this room. LAKE MICHIGAN #5 is shown in the right side of this photo, and BIRD WATCHING is show in the background of the top photo.)

4 thoughts on “12 well-spent minutes; $12 well-spent dollars

  1. I am glad you still have that painting of the sea gull, i love that picture. It reminds me of when we were down in Florida once, and a gull was sitting on a railing bugging us.

    • This painting has actually grown on me over the years. It had been for sale, but then when we moved into this house I thought it fit my beach theme in our bathroom so I decided to finally hang it up. Now that it has a good spot where it makes sense (it never looked quite right in Milwaukee,) I really do enjoy looking at it every morning. Do you remember how Nathan used to be afraid of this painting when he was younger? He used to say “I don’t like those eyes.” And then he would want me to put it away (his play-room at the time was also the storage area for all my paintings.)

    • Oh…. I think it smells delicious. Peppermint is actually very helpful in calming anxiety, so I try and take some big deep whiffs of it every morning. It caught my eye at Wal-Mart because the label says something about “compare to Aveda.” It’s definitely not Aveda shampoo, but for the price, I’ve been really happy with it. (And then I was able to afford my cute soap dispensers which makes me happier than expensive shampoo does!)

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