Repurposing my Christmas Decorations (Red is the new Red)

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We took down our Christmas tree and decorations on Saturday, January 9th. Instead of packing everything away, I kept out a few of my favorite RED items and moved those into the dining room for Valentine's Day. I'm planning on having a dinner party for our neighbors in February, so I figured I may as well take advantage of the RED things I already had out. The RED sconces cast a beautiful glow the the room when they are lit in the evening. Recently I moved my painting called "urban garden" into this room. I love how it pops off the RED walls. You can read the story behind that painting at

My favorite Christmas-for-Valentine's Day inspiration was these sparkling RED ornaments. I put all six of them into this sentimentally loaded RED glass bowl (that Tim gave me as "payment" on the day I delivered our son, Nathan into the world six years ago.) 🙂 Then on Sunday as I was passing through the room, I noticed the sun hitting the ornaments, casting disco-ball RED reflections onto the RED walls. This was an added bonus of beauty added to my day that was not expecting!

Nathan has off from school on Monday and Tuesday of this week for Martin Luther King Day, so I’m out of my studio hanging out with him. I’ll get back to work on Wednesday and post my progress on more Sunflower painting that I’ll be doing. Just one more Sunflower Painting to finish, and my series of FIVE will be completed… FINALLY!

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