Remembering Moses and the Red Sea

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Do you remember Moses? He was that guy with white long hair from the Bible who was met in the desert by a bush.

Not just an ordinary bush. This bush was a talking, on-fire-yet-not-being-consumed-by-flames kinda bush. Probably the only bush of its kind to ever exist.

Moses wasn’t out looking for power. He had skeletons of shame in his closet. Murder being one of them.

Yet God chose Moses for an assignment that was much bigger than Moses’ talents, experience or pedigree.

An assignment Moses didn’t ask for. Or want. Or feel qualified for.

Rescuing a nation from slavery. Which by the way — involved getting all those people across an enormous body of water — without any boats.

But God did it.

Miraculously. He made a way for Moses and all his followers to get across the Red Sea.

Instead of providing boats, he just rolled back the water. And because of God’s power, all those terrified, escapee slaves were able to get across. Without even getting their feet wet.

Do you ever feel like Moses? With an assignment that is much more than you would ever desire, or possibly feel remotely capable of handing?

I sure do. Which is why I am finding that the older I get, the more I need reminders. If I look back on my past history, there are all kinds of times that God has rescued me. I have my own Red Sea stories.

If you stop and think about it, you probably do too. Stories that should be told so they are not forgotten. Most importantly, by you.


Here is a reminder of Moses’ story. Above is a free 8 x 10 poster you can download and print out at home on your color printer. Or send it off to your favorite photo lab. Just click on the image to access it.


Marie Scott

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